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Hi I'm Ginny.

I live that #yoloswag life.

I think I'm getting better at posting about neopets.

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areyouhavingcake replied to your post: twloserblog replied to your post: Leia…

I miss Roblox

roblox is the greatest thing ever

twloserblog replied to your post: Leia has given me so much shit about p…

just another metaphorical house she has broken into

leia stop breaking into people’s houses gdi

Leia has given me so much shit about playing flight rising and she always tells me its dumb and she’ll never ever sign up

and then today I find out she’s had an account since last registration period and has just been keeping it a secret from me

person on neopets dot com: lol is it weird that I'm 20 and still play neopets
me: yes
person on neopets dot com: haha am i the only person over the age of 20 on neopets???
me: yes

when there’s drama on the neoboards


ginny reblogs dumb stuff i say when i’m high to her neopets blog and then all the neopets blogs give it a lil bit of notes and then i feel like i’m corrupting innocent youths

I’m pretty sure 90% of the neotag is high all the time too don’t worry

(also sorry if I reblog things that you don’t want reblogged)


my proficiency in counting by 24s is largely due to being silenced so many times on neopets.com

neopets user steganography is a rule breaker pass it on


Hang on a minute! Your account is currently silenced, which means that you cannot communicate with other users or edit your pages. Your account has been silenced because you broke the following rule: Watch your language! Profanity, name-calling and insults are not tolerated anywhere on Neopets. Using spaces, internet slang, acronyms, or symbols to try to hide inappropriate language is not fooling anyone! The following is the message(s) that caused you to receive this warning. Any profanity, inappropriate language, or bad acronyms have been replaced with asterisks (****): shut the heck up you mother heckers

This temporary silencing will end in 23 hours 59 minutes. After which you will regain full access to the Neoboards, Neomail, guilds, etc., and be able to edit your pages once again. Please contact support if you feel that this was done in error.


I drew a little comic for neoperks of our neocrossing characters hanging out.  I don’t know anything about animal crossing so I just based it off of real life.

remember when I drew archiie fabulous art