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#1 Jason Derulo Fangirl

  1. shittyneoblog started following neostruggz

    wow its just like every notification I ever get

  2. abstractvisionn:

    Oh my god I love neopets

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  3. Anonymous asked: Talk dirty to me is literally my favorite song right now. Why am I telling you this? ?

    I like Talk Dirty to Me okay but idk overall the album didn’t impress me.  I’ll have to listen again to make a final judgement.


  4. sometimes I forget how much I love Jason Derulo


  6. tombol-r:

    one of my favorite things about neopets is how two of my Special Color pets have hardly any clothes available while this egg has a bigger wardrobe than i do in real life


    get outta here fashion egg

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  8. areyouhavingcake asked: Draw me with my pets!


    Okay this is you and you are kicking 1821_60068 because you hate her and investigashun is there looking happy that it isn’t her because you always get her sick.  And then I got bored and stopped drawing your pets.


  9. If you don’t follow gnorboob you are truly missing out in life.

  10. gnorboob:

    i couldnt stop myself

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